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Unfortunately, you can never tell when you will face a dangerous situation. However, you can learn the skills necessary to protect yourself no matter what type of danger you face. Whether you are a man or a woman, young or old, it is vital that you learn these valuable skills to protect yourself, and those around you. At Manteca Martial Arts in Manteca, CA, we offer expert self defense classes specifically designed to teach you these valuable skills.

We teach the Shalin Kempo martial arts system, along with many other self-defense techniques. You will learn various kicking, punching, and blocking techniques. You will learn how to identify dangerous situations and what steps to take to protect yourself no matter what type of danger you face. These self-defense techniques will become instinctive and will naturally come to you when you need them.

We go out of our way to make our classes as convenient as possible for you. This is why we offer many different self defense classes Monday through Saturday, every week. We also offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes, which allows you to select a time that fits into your busy schedule.

You do not have to have any special skills or experience to take our self defense classes because our expert self defense instructor will work at your level. We also do not require you to be at any specific fitness level to start our classes. In fact, our classes will help build your fitness level and give you more confidence.

Learn to protect yourself, so you can defend yourself no matter what situations you face.

Let our self defense classes at Manteca Martial Arts in Manteca, CA provide you with the life-saving skills you need.

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