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When it comes to mix martial arts, no one knows this art better than our experts do at Manteca Martial Arts center in Manteca, CA. We have spent years perfecting our children and adult classes to offer our clients with the best possible experience. All of our instructors are professionals in their field and have decades of experience in the martial arts industry. We have used this experience to build some of the best mixed martial arts classes in the area.

We use the ancient Okinawa Shotokan martial arts system combined with Shaolin Kempo and other martial arts systems to create our professional mix martial arts classes. These classes include low stances, high kicks, and powerful punches that are specifically designed to build skills and improve performance. Our experienced instructors use easy-to-understand instructions with a combination of written and visual aids to help teach you the proper way to perform each technique.

No matter what your current skill level is or how physically fit you are our mixed martial arts classes are right for you. As the classes progress, your body will tone and strengthen and your flexibility, agility, endurance, and concentration will be greatly improved. You will learn a new skill and improve you overall health, all while having fun. There really is no better way to get into better shape and build your self-confidence at the same time.

Our mixed martial arts classes do not just teach you the proper MMA techniques, but also improve your overall life. Start your free trial week by contacting Manteca Martial Arts in Manteca, CA today.

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